U-landsforeningen Svalerne


The Swallows have two different types of grants that organisations can apply for: a small grant for one year, and a larger grant for a three-year period.

  1. One-year grants are mainly given to new and small projects, usually of innovative character. We give approximately 1 – 4 one-year grants each year. The amount is approximately Taka 100.000. – or Indian Rupees 100.000. Applications for larger amounts will most probably not be taken into consideration.
  2. Three-year grants are given to organisations with whom we want to enter into a partnership. We have approximately 6 three-year partners at a time. The annual amount to our partners is approximately Taka 400.000. – or Indian Rupees 200.000 – 300.000.

Please notice that the Swallows do not give any grants before our representatives have visited the organisation and discussed and assessed the purpose and viability of the proposed project/activity. This meeting takes place during our annual visit to our partners in the beginning of the year. Please note that it can easily take up to one year to handle your application. As we are a small organisation with limited means, we have to refuse many of the applications we receive. We therefore strongly advise you also to apply to other donors.