How to apply

U-landsforeningen Svalerne



If you want your organization to be taken into consideration, your application to the Swallows must include the following information:

1. Information about the organisation

  • Short presentation of the applying organization including size, activities, target groups and overall development vision.

2. Project information

  • A description of the target group and their general living conditions
  • Development objective: The overall aim of the project (the long-term change that the organization wants to make for the target group. For example: social and economic empowerment of Dalit women
  • Immediate objective: The concrete aim of activity (that will likely happen through the successful implementation of the project. For example: 50 Dalit women have gained knowledge of their socio-economic rights.)
  • Expected outcome of the project/activities – how will the activity improve the conditions of the target group?
  • Success indicators: Reflect on how you can see that the project is moving in the right direction.
  • Description of activities
  • A detailed time schedule of activities
  • Reflections of how to ensure the viability of the project in the future
  • Number of staff involved
  • A detailed budget for the project, as well as comprehensive information about the economy of the organization, including other donors and financial sources.
  • Amount applied for from Swallows.

3) Administrative information:

  • Confirmation that the organization is registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Act of 1975 or the NGO Bureau (Bangladesh).
  • Information about bank account that grants can be transferred to.