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U-landsforeningen Svalerne


The Swallows supports local grass-root movements that work for awareness and strengthening of the poorest communities in Tamil Nadu, India (Tamil Nadu only) and Bangladesh: the landless, tribal people, and people of low or without caste – with a particular focus on women. Our overall goal is to reduce the imbalance between the poor and the rich parts of the world.

Partner organizations

Our development assistance consists of financial support and sparring to a number of local partner organizations in India and Bangladesh.

Our co-operation partners are social grassroot movements that work in the villages and inner city slums, with specific projects and activities, designed to make people more conscious of how to improve their own social conditions. These partner organizations are made up of local people with a thorough knowledge of the communities they work in, because we believe that they are the most qualified to define and solve their own problems.

Our partners are engaged in organizing the poor in the villages and city slums. The idea of organizing people in popular movements is to give them faith in their own ability to improve their economic and social situation. By supporting education and awareness, savings, legal aid, and income generating activities, we contribute to mobilizing human resources in India and Bangladesh.

Our visit

In order to evaluate and maintain the dialogue and contact with our co-operation partners, we visit the organizations in India and Bangladesh once a year.

Current partner organizations in India and Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh (3-year grants):

    RULFAO (Rural Underprivileged and Landless Farmer’s Organisation)

    PLEAD (Partner in Legal Education and Assistance for Development)


  • Bangladesh (egentlig Vestbegalen i Indien) (1-year grants): SOVA


  • Tamil Nadu, India (1-year grants):

    RPWO (Rural People’s Welfare Organization)

    RDC (Rural Development Council)


There are local offices in Aarhus and Odense. The central office is located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark:



Aarhusgade 35

DK-2100 Copenhagen


Phone: (+45) 51 91 92 18

E-mail: svalerne@svalerne.dk